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For my artist statement I decided to pick the amount of vehicles and the subsequent pollution that they make. This is a problem for me because of the amount of vehicles on the streets on a daily basis that I have to deal with. Driving anywhere is a hassle, and the amount of cars are letting out an intense amount of pollution. Vehicle pollution in a town like Los Angeles where almost everyone drives on a daily basis. LA is our nation’s leader in harmful ozone pollution from cars tailpipe emissions, and these emissions can lead to asthma attacks and heart attacks and even lung cancer. This is especially personal to me since my father has asthma and the pollution is especially hard on him. I hope to raise awareness and influence people to continue to make progress in stopping and reversing the pollution emissions that our vehicles make. The audience for my chime is everyone in Los Angeles who drives a vehicle. I want their reaction to be that vehicle emissions are a serious problem that everyone can work to stop. I don’t know how I will achieve this reaction. The materials I have chosen, since I am very limited by my subject, are keys to represent the operation of a vehicle, a toy car to represent an actual vehicle, and a black paper cloud to show smog and pollution. Our sustainability pillar is environmental. This relates to our topic because vehicle pollution affects the environment a lot. The environment is being ruined by the amount of vehicle pollution in the air, and our raising awareness for the amount of vehicles is hopefully going to lower the amount of pollution.

john orta


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