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Ruth Rosales


The recurring issue that happens in my community that I want to change in my community is the way women are treated. This issue is mostly found on a busy street, like in front of my house. I can easily just stand outside of my home and older men can whistle at me from the inside of their car. This affects me because I feel degraded as a girl. This is a problem not only in my community but around the world and men need to realize it isn’t something that is appropriate especially for girls who are under aged. The individual feels uncomfortable and it’s something that I know from experience. 
The impact that I hope to make is to raise awareness to older men that this simple gesture isn’t something that is acceptable. It makes women and girls think and feel as if they can’t wear the things they want to wear because men will try to flirt with them in a disrespectful tone. The audience I would like to target is men and specifically the ones that know they do this certain action. I want all types of people to be surprised and shocked by the way I’m conveying the message. With the way I’m portraying the message I want many men to really realize the way they are making women and girls feel. I’m not entirely sure how I am going to achieve this reaction but the way I make the chime I want the message to be sudden but out their. I want it to be shown in a clever way. I hope with the ideas I have others can contribute their thoughts and the chime can be made and achieve the reaction I want it to have.

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