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Our recent exhibition at Art Share L.A. showcased the results of our 2017 Chimes for Change project with the students of Larchmont Charter High School. 

Chimes for Change is a multi-media art, music, science and technology program in which LA teens used recycled and found materials to create wind chimes. Participants learned how to use digital software to record their chimes, and turn those sounds into electronic music compositions. Finally, both visual and audio art works were publicly displayed to to engage participants in sustainability issues impacting the community. 

The curriculum blended 4 components: sustainability education, visual arts education, music education and community activism and leadership. A combination of experiential learning and leadership from professional mentors resulted in a versatile lesson plan revealing the connection between sustainability, creativity and community. It also gave students the tools they need to translate education into action. 

The entire collection of chimes, songs and statements was displayed at a downtown art gallery, Art Share LA, throughout the month of June, 2017. The vehicle for showcasing the collection of chimes was a 13-foot tall abstract metal tree sculpture fabricated by our sponsors, Tortoise Industries. The chimes were hung throughout the tree sculpture and were digitally mapped using QR code technology. Viewers were asked to use smartphones with headphones to explore the Chimes for Change installation. Each chime could be scanned to reveal its accompanying song and artist statement. The result was an interactive scavenger hunt-style silent listening party that was thought-provoking for both young and old and engaged the community in both art and sustainability issues in a new and different way.

Chimes for Change

is a program of RuckusRoots

a Los Angeles- based 501c3 non profit organization. 

Learn more about RuckusRoots and Chimes for Change on our main website: 

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