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Anders ribicic

Reckless Driving

There is one major problem in my neighborhood that i wish to remedy or use during this project. This problem is that the drivers of my little neighborhood rarely seem to conform to the ever present stop signs that the area is filled with. Despite that my neighborhood is filled with small residential roads that would not seem to promote reckless hurried driving, the unfortunate behavior manifests anyway.
I have seen this problem occurring all my life as i have lived next to a small crossroads since have lived here. Many a time i have heard my my parents curse the ones who disobey the signs as they pulled out of the driveway only to be dangerously close to being hit by the reckless speeding by of someone else's car. I have seen the behavior as i have walked home from school, being stopped in my tracks by the unannounced whoosh of a disobeying driver. And many a night have i been woken up by the screeching of tires that one does not expect to grace a quiet little neighborhood such as mine.

The effects of this thoughtless behavior could be alarmingly hazardous mainly due to the inhabitants of the area. Normal pedestrians aside, my neighborhood has seen an increasing number of young children as residents as of late and the possibility of accidents under these circumstances simply cannot be overlooked and i believe the must be dealt with.
For my main material i will use some sort of cheap, shiny easily broken sheet metal. The fact that it is metal means that it will be able to both reflect light and will make noise when colliding with itself, this will make it very attention grabbing as is my goal for my chime. It will have to be cheap and brittle so that it can be broken into multiple pieces to make the different pieces of the chime, and won't cost too much.
2. I will use bright red paint for my second material, perhaps fluorescent is that is an option for me. Red paint should be easily acquired and not too costly. The main reason i want to use red paint is because red is a bright eye-catching colour that will cause people’s attention to be drawn to the chime. Red is also the same colour as stop signs that will hopefully send the mesage to pay more attention to them.
3. My last material may be the little plastic reflective “lights” often found on bicycle wheels. These will catch the light allowing for my chime to be easily seen and especially eye catching at night. They will be silver or white so that when in combination of the red paint, the colors will be the same to colors as the stop signs.
The chime’s message is supposed to be patience, to make people actually stop when they are supposed to, because of the this chime is supposed to be bright and eye catching so that it will draw the attention of drivers and force them to stop their cars at the stop sign
The issue that my project is based on is characteristic of the pillar of social sustainability, which means that it is an problem that relates to the social implications and human interactions in any society, people ignoring traffic laws creates an unsafe environment for others and thus threaten the idea of social sustainability. My chime aims to increase the sustainability of today’s lifestyle and society.

My chime project aims to answer questions like these:
Q1: if people become aware that there is a high a amount of traffic law ignorance in an area will they be compelled to drive safer?
Q2: if people become aware of the opposite would the opposite reaction happen?
Q3. If the consequences of unsafe driving were better expressed would more people drive safer?

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