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leonel paredes


I have chosen the topic of vandalism. I see vandalism as one of the biggest problems most communities. I also feel that with a simple change people try to make it will lead to a drastic change in a community. Vandalism can be a lot of things, it can be anything from altering or defacing road signs and spray painting a person’s property with the intent of disfiguring it. Other forms of vandalism include scratching paint off another person’s car, defacing public benches and walls with graffiti, and breaking someone’s windows. Vandalism is seen all over the place, it occurs in most communities, especially in communities that are considered bad neighborhoods. It has a negative impact on the community because nothing good comes out of doing vandalism. I hope to convince people that nothing good comes out of vandalism. It is mainly a waste of time to do all of the vandalism. The audience that my chime is targeting is people that do vandalism also communities that can work together to help stop vandalism. I want people to realize that nothing could can come from vandalism. Or at least get people to think about what they are doing. The way I will achieve this is by trying to show what is wrong with vandalism by showing parts of vandalism. I painted my chime with the same general design. The design is to show that it is related to vandalism specifically graffiti. The broken pieces are to show the destruction that comes from graffiti as well as it has the same design as the rest of the chime. I added bronze pieces onto the chime to make the chime have a sound. The sound I wanted to imply was the sound of a spray can falling/making noise.

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