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Since the early 1900s, immigration has buffed on security due to a failed murder attempt towards a government official by a russian suspected to be a communist spy. However, it was easier to travel in and out the united states especially for central and southern americans because of how close they are from their country. Now that our president trump has been placed into the oval office, we are still unaware of his motives as president and what he is going to do about the immigration policy. The reason why I say this is obviously because of his claims about the border wall construction meant to prevent immigrants from mexico to entering the united states as well as demanding the mexican government to pay for the wall construction instead of america paying for the wall.
To respond to the Border Wall construction, I have made a chime that is focused toward immigration but how a small latin child from a poor hispanic village made it. The chime consists of a photo of president trump, a sign with the word immigrant crossed off in red paint to send the message DO NOT ENTER, and a can of beans meant to represent the latin american community as well as a can of refried beans to be a staple in hispanic cooking. 
When I show my chime in the public, I want a reaction that would remind the public about Trump boasting about the Wall construction as well as his racial comments towards Mexicans saying how they are criminals, how they are a threat to our community, how they steal our occupations, and how they should have stayed in their filthy, dangerous, drug filled country because he views them as nothing but a bunch of criminals moving to america to spread more danger in our country. 
I want to change the perspective of those who are trump supporters, racists, and those who are unfamiliar with the latin american community by showing that they aren't the criminals that are depicted by the news, the drug dealers as seen on TV, the family next door who are assumed to be stupid because they can’t speak english. I want them to see the latin american community as a community full of culture, a community that doesn’t give up on their personal goals, a community with the most delectable dishes that have a little spice into it, and a community that is capable of having a successful career to support themselves as well as their own families. 
Since I have been talking about immigration, I would like to shift towards the pillars of sustainability. Social Sustainability is the least defined and least understood of the different ways of approaching sustainability and sustainable development. Social sustainability has had considerably less attention in public dialogue than economic and environmental sustainability. Immigration is related to the Social sustainability pillar because of how immigration affects the number of civilians that immigrate to America either legally or illegally as well as the social interactions either racial or neutral toward latin americans. The questions that are associated with my chime are Does violence and community belong in the same vicinity?, How could immigration affect the crime rates in the community?, and Do you feel moved about the crime rates in the community?

Eduardo Marhx-Bolanos


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