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The issue that I have chosen, is violence and crime within our community. There has been times in high school where 3 murders occurred in the park across from school in month. This affects everybody within the community. People begin to have a negative view of their surroundings, and because of this, might tend to want to put less work into improvement, because it seems so un-alterable.

I aim to reignite the spark in the community to deal with such problems. The audience for this message is obviously the law abiding citizens of this community. I want my audience to feel somewhat repulsed by my message, because it should make them realize the juxtaposition of the neighborhood, with schools and families nearby, but criminal activity continuing. I will achieve this by depicting images of extreme violence, with images of youth and innocence.

The Pillar of Sustainability that we were given, was the Economic Pillar. Economic sustainability is the ability of an economy to stay at a certain level of productivity indefinitely. There are many factors, which contribute to a stable economy. Low unemployment, availability of jobs, well trained populous, a lack of trade barriers, fair trade agreements, minimum wages, public spending, and a good amount of natural resources and social situations to exploit.  Things that will kill a stable economy, are things such as natural disaster, rampant inflation, and possibly large scams.

Our topic, crime, and illegal immigration can be related to economic sustainability. Crime, in almost every sense, damages the economy, whether it be white collar or not, it usually ends in punitive damages. On the other end, the government creates tons of jobs to help enforce laws. Illegal immigration is also a two sided coin. While immigrants do provide a source of labor for companies, they often do not pay federal income tax, and send money back to family members outside of the country, leading to a drain of the economy.

The goal of my chime is not to answer any questions that are raised by this topic, but rather to spark the hearts of its viewers to realize how terrible of a mix certain communities are in.

niko BauR


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