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Gustavo Osorio

Light Pollution

The specific pillar of sustainability that I'm choosing is Economics. My sustainability issue is Light Pollution, of which effects in a global city like LA or Atlanta. The module that I and my partner created has a flame sensor of which it can detected infrared light both day and night. This all fits the Economics section of the three pillars of Sustainability because it can save money for cities, state, and the federal government. Also, Air pollution could be seen at night time. If cities really want to do with it's image and residents they should have some of this flame sensors and monitoring all energy and usages of every households, the city is not only going benefit from saving money, reducing hydroelectricity, but it also could become a sustainable city to live in.

My chime technically address the issue however its going to be confusing at first recognizing of what the colors represents and if there is any additional art that may represent the issue in the chime. It effects my community because we barley could see the night sky and stars in city compare if you go to Primm or Marana. 

The impact that I want from the chime and module is that people could see this as an issue if your from city or in a small town in the country. People do want to see the night sky full of stars. The materials that I have for my chime is just plastic. Plastic does illuminate light and it could be detected by the flame sensor. The reaction of that want from the people is to be thinking about this even if someone may think this true or hoax. Everyone should able to say what they want without fear of retribution .

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