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peter Chung


Environmental sustainability is the progressive rate of renewable source of energy. It also supports humans that are compatible with sustaining natural systems. Some examples of today's renewable sources are solar energy, wind energy, crop rotation, and efficient water fixtures. The overall goal is to conserve natural resources and creating more energy efficient programs.
For the future, replanting forests, preserving wetlands, and etc.
My topic is about pollution and pollution is slowly chipping away the environmental status. Pollution relates to environmental sustainability because pollution destroys the environment and the ozone layer and using environmental sustainability reduces the risk of the sun's harmful UV rays to shine on your bodies making skin cancer more possible to have. 
As you can see on my chime, I only have two items. The reason I only have two items are because of the fact that these two items are the most important things that relate to pollution and climate change. Bottle production through factories causes smog to slowly break down our ozone layer and creating new climate change. Up in the colder climates, ice caps are starting to melt and animals like the polar bear are slowly dying due to the fact that it's just all water and no land. The plant I made with hot glue represents the environment we need in order to survive. Pollution not only affects us as human beings but as well as the life sustaining us. Which are plants! They provide oxygen and take carbon dioxide. Plants have a huge impact on our environment and if the climate changes start to dry up land , slowly plants will have no water to survive and massive heat radiation can cause wildfires in the forests.
Hopefully I can impact the people still denying the fact that climate change is not a real thing and if they still deny it, hopefully I can change their mind right now. Venice, Italy is a beautiful place. Built on top of water but when climate change melts ice caps and raise the water, the beautiful architectures get ruined by the salt in the water. Now they have created dams that automatically stops flow of water when it gets to high. Hopefully this will alert everybody about the Climate change and pollution. Both massive in power and destruction upon planet Earth.

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