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So Yun Michelle Lee


The sustainability topic I have chosen for my project is homelessness. The official definition of this term is the condition of people without a permanent dwelling unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure and adequate housing. Through my research and project, I concentrated mostly on homeless shelters, population, and the areas that are greatly populated with homeless people. For our project, my partner and I have represented these topics by making maps that locate areas that show population and homeless shelters. We found statistics and facts through the internet and articles. My partner and I chose this topic because it is a very important and growing problem in America that people have grown familiar to. Through our project, we hope to spread awareness and provide information to our audience on actions that they can take to help this conflict.
I created a chime that represented the conflict of the homeless population. I hung money, cardboard, and a plastic bag on it. These three items symbolizes the troubles of the homeless population. Money is the key to their conflict and the solution to it, cardboard is the message they present to the people in order to get their attention, and the plastic bag would represent the condition of their lives. As for the base of my sustainability chime, I painted it purple and attached jewels on it. This would represent the opposite of the homeless which is wealth. I have chosen to use the purple color because it conveys nobility, wealth, and power. The idea that these items hang from this base explains that homelessness and wealth is associated with one another.
In conclusion, my partner and I have hopes that our project will help the problem of homelessness by spreading awareness and changing the misconceptions of the topic. We desire for our audience to gain new knowledge and perspective toward the homeless population. Through learning their struggles and lifestyle, we wish people to lead a change to help that community and become aware of the help they could provide.

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