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Jeffrey Sapin


Artist Statement

It is my mission to be an innovative STEAM educator. I purpose to provide students with experiences that build their metacognitive, critical, and creative powers as they construct informed meaning, structures, and relationships in the world that surrounds them. I know from a lifetime of studies that all brains are designed for learning. Learning, however, depends on the balance of social and environmental factors – so as part of my mission to develop critical, academic, artists, it is incumbent upon me to address those conditions. By leveraging those conditions, it is my intention to shift the balance towards a mindful, creative, and healthful environment – conducive to learning for all. 
I envision curriculum rich with subject matter from all of the scientific disciplines – infused with artistic purpose and clarity, and integrated across content areas. I am for co-curricular projects rooted in common ground; blossoming through deep growth; fostering networks of understanding. I envision students learning through opportunities that are both relevant and challenging – giving students the tools to work in a world steeped in technologies and change. 
I am a learning professional, and it is my mission to improve the learning potential for the youths, colleagues, and institutions I work with.

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