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justine Sarrosa

Sustainable Housing

Economic sustainability is the ability to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely. This affects the stability of the cost of living at certain places. An example of economic sustainability is the price of organic oranges that are grown within the state of California. They might cost more than the regular oranges at the big chain grocery stores because the organic oranges are grown to be healthier and better for the environment. The price for the organic oranges are made to be affordable and help sustain the production of more oranges.
My topic of housing has to do with economic sustainability as I am focusing on the unfair prices of housing in Los Angeles. The price of housing is very large to the small amount of area you ultimately get for it. People pay way too much for what they get and it is not sustainable. Many people are homeless due to some sort of combination of minimum wage, expensive housing, etc. If we want to be more economically sustainable with housing, there needs to be more rules to the price of housing in order to make them more affordable and actually worth the price.
The topic I chose was in the economy category and is New Housing. This topic focuses on the number of new houses and housing units that are permitted to be built in the Los Angeles area. Housings units are apartments, condos, and the like. Most of these new structures take on a modern design, with a lot of them being square and efficient with space. The plan was focusing more on the apartments as they can fit more people and their lower floors can be used for lease to restaurants and stores to maximize the space. Los Angeles is always in construction, especially in the Downtown area and in our community. Just a couple blocks from the school, they a building a new Target with a bunch of apartments on top. These new buildings bring interest to our community and make it a nicer place to live. The new apartments also aid in adhering to Los Angeles’ booming population. I am interested in a future in civil/structural engineering, so watching a building progress from a gigantic hole in the ground to a beautiful tower is my idea of fun.
Through my chime, I want to make people think about the unsustainable price and number of housing in Los Angeles. Everything in California is significantly more expensive compared to other states, and living in the star-studded city of Los Angeles doesn’t help. The audience of my chime are the city officials and housing companies. I want people to think about the drastic differences in pricing and how unethical it is.
I’m using cork board, cardboard, twine, plastic coins, copper pipes, and PVC pipes in my chime. The cork board is used at times for house insulation. I plan to make the different states out of it. The cardboard is used to help support the cork board states and have a place to write facts down on it. Twine is a basic decor option in most interior design choices nowadays and kinda connects all of the states. The plastic coins are meant to show the different prices for housing in the different states.The more coins the more expensive it will be. The copper pipes will also show the differences with all of the states as the longer they are the more area the homes have. The PVC pipes will do the same.

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