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Antigone Mohapi

Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are people who drive without focusing on the road. Some people find it hard to focus because of other distractions in their lives or find that the act of driving itself can become boring. This lack of focus can lead to accidents, as it can cause people to have slower reaction times. This is due to people not looking at the road, or using their hands for things other than steering. Slower traffic can cause people to think they don’t have to pay as much attention and makes it easier to be distracted by other things like their phone, their appearance, or something on the radio. 

I have made a chime that represents distracted driving. The audience for my chime is local people, and specifically new drivers. I want people to be aware they could be bad drivers when they become distracted. I hope to  achieve a reaction with my chime by showing people what causes distracted driving and how it is dangerous. 

I chose the objects in my chime because they are part of what causes distracted driving. I chose wheels because they are on cars, which is the main focus of my chime. I chose an iphone case because cell phones distract people while they are driving very often. I chose makeup because people often also do their makeup while they drive. They look in the rearview mirror and not on the road. These objects all contribute to distracted driving. I also chose to have broken items on my chime to show what happens when someone drives while distracted.

The pillar of sustainability that my chime represents is the social pillar. Driving is a social activity because there are other people on the road that are affected by your actions when you drive. In particular, cell phones are distracting because people are looking at their cell phones to check social media and text other people. People put on makeup because they want to make a good impression on people, but really set a bad example for other drivers. Overall, I want people to understand the effects of driving while distracted.

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