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Haley Sabillo

Police Brutality

I have chosen police brutality as my artist statement. I believe that this is a problem that should be addressed. The symbol of peace and protection being a force of terror is very frightening to me. If people are being abused by police, then the people have to do something to stop them. There are cases of people being harassed by police because they are a different race.
If the police are being the criminals, then the people must be the ones to put them back in order. 

The police are being feared and are afraid of potential criminals in the city. This is both beneficial and destructive for this community. If the police are feared in the community then less people will be causing crime, and disrupting peace. This where the destructive part comes in, if the police are feared for the wrong reasons, then the community that are peaceful will be worrying about them and their methods. This would be very problematic in some communities where there isn’t much police activity in the area, because there isn’t much crime.

The cause of this is that there isn’t much suspicion in my area that would warrant much attention from the police. This isn’t the case in other areas where there is a lot of suspicion. The police aren’t true hunters of innocent, they are just very suspicious of certain individuals. This does not excuse them from their brutal tactics though. If the people keep going along with these actions then there will just be more brutal actions being caused in the future.

I worked with a partner for our sustainability question, for the type of sustainability, it is social. Social sustainability is a difficult one to sustain because it requires the entire community to be peaceful to each other. To keep this under control we need law enforcement. However people of the law are still people with differing opinions, this results in police brutality, and it’s what my chime addresses. Questions that will be considered for both our chimes will be if suppressing discrimination can bring the community together, if this project can impact the community, and if people are interested in what our sound sensor does

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