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Ethan Chasin

Pollution / Overpopulation

The topic I chose was pollution due to overpopulation. I believe this topic is a hard topic to talk about because you can’t just say don’t have any children. Well actually, China did that for a while by limiting the amount of children to 1 and then had a problem of having no females. The problem with overpopulation is that the Earth does not have enough resources to sustain our lifestyle that we have today. Because of the amount of people that we have, we produce more and as a result of that we are destroying our planet with pollution and the ozone layer. While space might not be a problem right now, how will it be in 50 years while we are exponentially growing in population? Owning land will be much more valuable.

I hope that my chime will be a reminder to the community that it is important to be aware of our population. My chime will have multiple objects on it. A few of the items will be common objects. More specifically plastic spoons and soda cans. It shows a product of mass production caused by overpopulation. There would not be that many spoons produced if there weren't that many people. But in a way, it’s a good thing. If they become annoyed with trash then they will want to produce less of it. Another item is a broken condom that shows a solution to the problem wrapped around the soda can but the problem is so far along, the condom is now ineffective or even useless at this point. The audience for this would be everyone in the community. Maybe they will start using reusable objects such as metal water bottles and reusable bags instead of the throwaway plastic water bottles and and paper/plastic bags. The way I will achieve this is to hope that people start to realize the problems that all the trash being produced causes and they will change their ways.

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