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marc lee

Pollution / Litter

My community is dirty, filthy, and so polluted that I am embarrassed when my friends come over. When other parents’ drop me off, I can see the disgust in their face as one person leaves a cup of coffee on the ground and as another is urinating on the grass. I was embarrassed, disgusted, and disappointed in what my community has done to make this area dangerous and polluted. Pollution has destroyed my neighborhood and is making it worse everyday. I hope that with this project it can help motivate people in my community to help make the environment cleaner and safer. My goal is that the wind chimes would attract the attention of the individuals making a mess and show them what they could do with their trash instead of leaving it on the streets. I will give my best effort into making my community a better place to live in the present and the future. I want the children and youths of my neighborhood to see my chime and realize that change can be made: beast can become beauty, dirty can become clean, and impossible can become possible. The bottles will show how that any bottle represents the little things we can do. The wrappers will show that even the little things count. The different plastic materials will show that anything counts. Chimes will show that success doesn’t come alone. I have also made a module that tracks the temperature in the environment, showing that exposed garbage can effect the environment into more drastic things like global warming. I am humbled to be given this opportunity and excited to be working with professionals who care about making the world a better place for the future. If this project is as successfully as I anticipate to a I imagine that the streets will look blacker than the color black and the sidewalks walks will be as spotless as a baby's bottom. The skies would be clearer and I air would smell better. Nobody would be throwing trash or urinating on the ground. I would be able to walk around and have pride in my community. I would be able to bring my friends over without faltering. Their parents would feel safe leaving their children at a friendly environment where it would be safe walk around without being harassed. I'm hoping this project will be able to do these things for me. I know it feels like my hopes are unrealistic but I think of this as able long term goal. I have hope that we can achieve this.

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