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GisellE Esquivel


The issue that I’m going to talk about is pollution happening in all the communities. My sustainability pillar is based on pollution. What i’m going to do is build a sustainability pillar that explains why I’m doing this topic. It relates to my topic because i’m explaining and have a module to explain what it is going to be about and how it will stop this issue. Where you mostly see this issue is mostly in your neighborhoods and also in the beaches somewhere people just throw there trash. It affects my community because many people leave trash or throw trash in my community and then it makes it more dirty and ugly too. 

What i’m going to be doing is building a module to explain what my project is based on and I’ve been working with a partner on this project and it is building a sensor to detect the dust from all the pollution going on. We worked on it maybe about a month and we started to see that our sensor did work and did detect the dust there was. This will help us see how much dust there is because of the pollution there is. This will show how much pollution we need to stop and start making a change. Another thing I have been working on is on my chime my chime will have plastic bottles, ziploc bags,and other things that cause pollution. My chime will help everyone see that pollution is abd and can affect not just us but others. 

Some of the things I’ve been working class based on my sustainability pillar is me and my partner we worked on a square map and how pollution affects things and what it does. What we wrote that pollution causes contamination because based on all the smoke or harmful things that go to the air. Also we wrote how it can protect everyone is by having an alarm so no one gets hurt or sick. Me and my partner worked on questions that are based on our issue the first question was How can I desire people to keep their community clean? The second question was How can this situation impact the people's community? The third and last question is Can this project impact the community? These questions will help solve my issue because they will answer on how this project can change the communities and make them better. 

This project will help stop this issue from going and will help the communities become better. The chime will hopefully impact the community and show people that potion is something going on daily and that if they want their community to get clean they have to help by making clean and stop all the trash throwing. Some of the reactions I want people to have over my chiem is like “OMG” or “YES WE HAVE TO STOP THIS”. These reactions will show people want to stop this issue from happening and will make big difference. I think that I will help do this because I’m going to give a good explanation on why to stop all that and also how pollution is affecting the neighborhood and the people. I want to change everyone's minds and also give them a message on why to stop pollution. Overall I just want my project to make a difference and stop all the pollution that is happening.

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