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Daniel Rodriguez


I have chosen an issue that relates to me in many ways, happiness is something that most people don't have.One point in my life i didn't feel as if i was feeling what i needed to do , so i found something that made me happy and filled that emptiness.Happiness is needed everywhere because all humans need to sit back and relax, and also enjoy life.Throughout the community its much needed,i hope that making this chime will improve the mood of whoever sees it and basks in all its glory.The impact i hope to make with this chime is for people to stop and enjoy  everyday items and to make them think about their owns lives and what brings them happiness.My audience for this project is all human beings, it does not matter the race.But when you look at this chime you’ll stop and realize and say “wow that's a nice chime”.When people look at my chime,I want people to get that feeling when you order pizza with your with friends and there's almost this warm feeling inside.

My pillar of sustainability is social, i believe  Social sustainability is the ability of society, or any social system, to persistently achieve a good social well being. Achieving social sustainability ensures that the social well being of a community can be maintained in the long term.And with the help of my chime i hope to brighten everyone's day when they look at the ornaments and composition of the chime

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