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Hyung-won kim


My issue I have chosen is technology and its need to adapt to effectively do its purpose without needing to trash the environment. My issue looks like trash, smoke, greenhouse gas, and other forms of pollution that is detrimental to the organic environment from the result of technology. In my community I see pollution from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them to go to sleep. Because I live in a metropolitan city there is much technology that contributes to the trash and pollution around the environment. A Polluted environment is unhealthy and detrimental to the health of any individual as well as the environment and the earth’s cycle of life. In order to coexist with the environment, humans need to change the way they live and adapt the technology to restore the natural balance of the ecosystem, I hope to do this with chimes. With the chime, I hope to deliver a message of how we can change the technology we have to better fit the environment. To be more eco-friendly. My audience for the chime is all the humans of the earth so that they can change their ways to help preserve the beauty of the world. When people see the chime, I want them to know that the earth is not worth littering on or damaging. I want my time to be combined with man-made objects and nature to look beautiful and produce a beautiful sound. From the hollow sounds of the bamboo to the clanging of the metal chimes. I wanted to show that technology needs to be reworked to fit the I hope to represent that man-made things and nature can have a symbiotic relationship.

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