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Economic Rights

My issue is human rights and it looks a lot like a person is looked down on for the way he or she looks or act or even likes. I don't see it around my neighborhood but a lot of my friends have been going through trouble like police brutality and they have been discriminated for the person they like. It affects me since a good amount of my friends are colored people or gay and they always tell me stories of how they are discriminated or how they were beat up just because of color and it irritates me because America says everyone is free but we treat those people as if they are not free.

In the past few weeks i have been working on my chime which i hope to spread the word. But my actual chime will be different then this artist statement explains. I had worked with a partner, Ashley, and her problem was the same as mine but more about the wage gap between female and male. We had setup our chime in a way showing the different genders and also we had connected fake coins to the chime part and we are going to use that to show the problem. I hope that with my chimes I will be able to bring awareness to this problem since it has a large impact to the people affected by it. I would say that anybody that listens to it would be the audience since If more people are aware of it then that he problem can be solved a lot faster. I hope that they have a reaction of courage of something that can't make them feel like that need to make a change to help their community. I hope to achieve this by being able to have people try to understand what the problem is and how they can solve it. Also when looking at our my chime please consider the idea of, was I ever in wage gap problems or do I know someone that has been through a wage gap.

In addition this is mostly economical based problem since it travels around the idea of the different ways people get money and the amount that they get it in. But my personal problem (Human Rights) is more social but I had been working with a partner so if possible please work with my problem in mind to.

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