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Angel Kuan

Distracted Driving

One issue is too much traffic and texting/driving! It been a common issue that no one knows how to fix. We keep on generating ideas on how to change the way traffic flow and ways to bring people's attention about how bad it is to use their phone while driving but none has become as successful.the reason why i say this because it a normal painful thing we deal with every single day, like as my family having a ford expedition that was like 20 miles per gallon. It not as painful then me getting to school but when there traffic and i have to be there in before 8:30 was a pain for me.i see this almost everyday when i go to school or go to do errands with my mom .The effects of what texting and driving can do to a person in a car. This issue is a big affect to my community because it hard to go to school, work, or to go some place that you must get there quick and at least to be safe and aware that sometimes is better to not have the phone with you.. Sometimes it not in my community that has this issue, it a worldwide issue that we live through. I research my issue on google and found out that people that needs urgent medical care but is stuck in traffic, never gets to the hospital. 2.5 million people die each year and 1.6 million is due to the cause of texting and driving.
I have thought of what can i do with chimes to fix this issue but if it possible, maybe to spread awareness to people that if they use a non transport vehicle. To elaborate on that is to use bicycle, skateboard , and rollerblade or any transportation that not engine power. I want my audience to be the people in my community so they can spread awareness of change they way of getting to places. I want people to see how much of a difference that changing from a car to a bike can make a big difference in their health and the people around them. The chime will be black and yellow to represent the roads and the black toy car are the “killer” machine in this case while the phone is in the middle to show the toys and figures volve around the phone as the major cause of texting and driving. 
My chimes is about environmental were it help to sustain the community we have. My chime is going to help my community to become more aware to their surrounding but also for the community enforcer as well. Sustainability is the key part of my chime were it brings death and accidents to be erased or become less of an issue. My chime will become one of the most common topic that people will agree on and that they will see changes in their community if their hearts go to people who uses their phone less frequently.

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