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Sam Ankeny

Water Conservation

As our chimes begin to come together, more and more thought goes into the creation and what we put on the chimes. Our chimes fall under different pillars of sustainability (Social, Economic, and Environmental), and all of our chimes are supposed to target a certain pillar through the art that is created with our chimes. My chime falls under the environmental pillar. My chime focuses on water conservation and making people aware of the shortage of water in California and how important it is to save water in homes and in communities. Water conservation looks like using sprinklers less often and taking way shorter showers. I see this in my house and in my neighborhood where people are replacing grass lawns with drought tolerant plants like cactus and when I take showers, i limit myself to around 5 minutes. I hope to make people more conscious of how much water they are using in their homes. 

The materials in my chime consist of metal pipes, blue colored pencil, water bottle labels and blue glitter glue. The metal pipes represent two things. The first representation is plumbing pipes, to show how water travels in drains and in sewers. The second representation is a bell. The sound that the pipes make when they hit each other is supposed to get your attention. The blue colored pencil represents water and its color in the environment. The water bottle labels represent the consumption of water and that every label is a water bottle that was used up. The blue glitter glue represents the shininess of water when light hits it. The reaction that I am hoping to get from people is a somewhat confused but interested reaction. I say this because people might question what my chime is all about and when they ask questions about my chime, I can give them information on my chime and on my topic. I am hoping that my chime will achieve this reaction by making the dinging sound and with the water bottles dangling off of the chime.

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