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Tarek Aziz

Car Pollution

The topic that I have chosen is car pollution. We live in a city that has a lot of pollution many of which come from cars. My audience are people who own and drive cars. If they could ride a bike or walk to their destinations or even using public transportation. Only use a car if necessary. This would help reduce the carbon footprint. I will decorate my chime with objects that represent a car. This will get people thinking about why there is a chime with car things. I will also have black clouds to show the smoke that comes from cars/creates.
For my chime it will address the problems when there is a lot of pollution in the air. The design is going to be with the chime being the sky and black smoke representing smog. This making the chime not that pleasant to look at. I will also use car toys or tires to represent the vehicle portion of my chime.
This topic is environmental sustainability. This is because I am trying to help bring the issue of trying to reduce emissions. The trying to reduce emissions from cars can be done with the use of public transportation. I hope that people will try and change their way of life so that there isn't so much car pollution.

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