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I see human beings living in poverty, sleeping on the street and struggling without proper shelter. It’s hard to sustain income, dealing with nutrition and staying warm in low temperature. Most homeless have tents, but a camping tent isn’t enough to keep them warm every night. Also, sleeping on the hard concrete ground. Some just choose to live like that and to others it’s looked wrong.


All around LA and downtown but for example I see this in Korea town nearby the high school I am attending, in la fayette park and on 6th st/la fayette park place st.


It affects the community because it’s creating more poverty and taking up sidewalk space. Some people feel uncomfortable walking down a street with a large homeless community. In areas with homeless people, the area can become more littered. Business might lose customers due to an overcrowding of homeless people.   


The audience is the people living in this neighborhood and people in general who are in that area, also obviously the homeless as well. The audience is those who are either against homeless or feel uncomfortable around other humans labeled as hobo’s/ homeless/ people without homes. It’s different perspectives, depending people’s backgrounds and how they were raised and taught about homeless. I want the audience to be those to think over, you only see them once or twice a day when people go to work, school, etc but do you ever spend the whole day with them, the full 24 hours including the continuing weeks. 


I want human beings to understand they are no different then them, they are  just humans without their economic supports such as family support, health support, income and emotionally support and to make those who say they care but really want to kick them out, to think over and find a better solution. I want people to understand this issue and maybe considering to help out with this issue. People to put their feet in the  shoes of these people who are struggling for a place for home or even those who choose to live like this



I will achieve this reaction by making  a chime with different layers. Around my chime the first layer will have the things people see everyday,  a tent, sleeping bag. Plastic bags, bottles and trash. The second layer will have people, just a human being  under the first layer representing that they are  just living human beings with economic struggles. The third layer which is the center will be representing the economic support and the support they are missing that most people have in a day to day basis.

Dante Gonzales


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