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gabriel Sanchez

Waste Disposal

An issue that I have chosen is the issue of waste disposal. In the United States landfills around the country are very full of trash that we have thrown away. Both open dump and sanitary landfill disposal depend on the natural degradability of wastes for an return to normal earth conditions. Decay takes time such as paper for example takes as long as 60 years and many plastics and other materials do not degrade at all. To reduce the bulk of waste sometimes waste is burned while it does reduce the size of dumps and landfills it hurts the environment from air pollution and wastes a lot of energy. Recycling can help the environment and won't waste resources such as aluminum and plastic as these materials can be reused for other purposes. An issue in my community os that people don't recycle cans, bottles, or cans so people don’t put their recyclables in the blue bins because they are lazy. So in effect this can cause lots of pollution to my street and community. With my chime I hope to raise an issue that people must recycle goods that aren't disitegatebale such as plastic. Ann audience I’d like to reach are people who don't understand why waste is an issue that hurts the environment and our communities. The reaction I want people to have is that they will feel the need to be more sensible when they dispose waste and carefully organize what needs to be recycled. To achieve this I use recycled items on my chime such as cans and bottles to show people that you must recycle this items. 
The materials I am using are just ordinary recyclables or plastic wastes. I will bring glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and perhaps a plastic bag. I have chosen this materials because these are items if not recycled can hurt the environment. Especially plastic as plastic does not disintegrate or decompose and hurts our planet and ecosystem. Each material has the same meaning of hey put these in a recycling bin as they can hurt the environment because really they do and sometimes hurt wildlife in this planet. I choosen to process them this way because I'm basing it off items most American's don’t recycling or properly throw away.
My pillar of sustainability for my project is regarding the environment. Environmental sustainability is the rate of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely. If they cannot be continued indefinitely then they are not sustainable. The need for clean energy to help reduce pollution. My module relates to it due to the fact it has to the with the sustainability of water and that people and other living things have access to clean water. Also my chime has to do with recycling and ensuring that non-degradable materials don’t end up hurting other species such as fish that get caught on many plastic items. With recycled materials newly made items can be created.

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