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Valerie Macias

Drug Addiction

The issue I have chosen is that of Drug addiction. People get addicted to all sorts of drugs whether it be the illegally bought ones or prescription ones. This problem can lead to the downfall of the individual as well as hurt the people around them. Most likely one of the main reasons why the person gets hooked on either drug is probably because they're not naturally produced and don't want to help cute you once, they want you to keep buying the product so they only help for a little while until you need to go back for more ‘treatment’. A lot of the reason there are homeless people in our streets is because they couldn't fight this urge to keep wasting money on these addictive drugs.
What I want to do is make more people aware that it's not just illegal drugs causing chaos in our society. It's the drugs you have yourself in your cupboard at home, I want others to realize that any drug can be addictive and because they aren't natural it doesn't help as much as how something natural would help. To do this I want to get recycled pill bottles label them with names of drugs that everyone sees as taboo(ex: ecstasy, cocain, etc). I want my audience to be everyone cause most of us are so used to buying and taking pills or medication that we don't see it as Drugs but common remedies that only want to make us feel better. I want them to think more about this and wonder the next time they take a pill to help them ease away pain that another drug does the same yet what's so different about the two?
Going more in depth with the materials I will be using for my chime, I will be using red string, empty white containers, tape, pencil lead, and black sharpie. For the string I want to tie together each container into my chime and be able to hang it. Attaching the string to a surface where it can be secure and hangable. The strings color will be red in order to lure attention towards it and also symbolize the words warning, danger, and stop. The string will be hung through the “body” of the container as it hangs it will hopefully give of the meaning of death such as when impaled or hanged. All the string pieces should be the same length from one another to symbolize equality in that it can affect anyone and everyone all the same.
The empty containers are going to be white and plain on their own but with sharpie scribbled on them they will be labeled to say "take one" referring to the lead inside which symbolizes harmful drugs. It will be written in black ink aswell so as to attract the eyes to the words written on the pure white bottle. The bottle being white is a deception on purity on the outside but the black ink that seeps out shows the truth it holds within like evil or death.
Lastly, for the pencil lead for something industrial to incorporate into my design. I will place them inside one of the empty white containers. The lead symbolizes “pretty poison” and what I mean by that is the lead looks shiny and alluring yet if consumed it can kill you. 

Social sustainability is focused on helping support human rights, labor rights, and corporate governance. This is important to ensure that future generations can access more social resources such as cultural ideas and opinions. Environmental sustainability helps the community by supporting the natural resources such as like social sustainability helps the community by supporting social resources such as concepts and ideas. These both maintain the health of the community and their surroundings.
Drug abuse affects social sustainability because it contradicts to help the people in the community to be able to function properly. This can be influenced by the ideas and opinions that are made up in the community. Drug misconceptions in the community can cause others to believe that the use of them are more beneficial than harmful.

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