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Brandon Bang

Air Pollution

The issue I have chosen to improve upon is the air pollution and its impacts on the environment, around the K-Town area (mostly around the school and my neighborhood). The effects of air pollution can be seen in almost any part of Los Angeles through effects like haze. Haze can be commonly used to show the quality of air, as the air quality gets worse, it gets hazier. The problem of air pollution is not only due to haze, but is “literally putting our health in danger.” (3).

Air pollution is a part of an environmental pillar of sustainability. Environmental pillar of sustainability is the concept of use taking our natural resources for granted, and use more than we can provide back to the environment. Air pollution is a part of environmental pillar of sustainability because the air pollution causes damage to crops, animals, forests, bodies of water, humans, and the environment in general.

With the chime I am creating, I hope to encourage on the concept of eco-friendliness and hopefully, influence more people to be more careful and appreciate our environment. With the design of my chime, I am primarily using the eco friendly items I can find like yarns and bamboos to build with, as it supports my idea. The bamboo is used for its factor of eco-friendliness and the concept of materials found around in the ground and trash, that can still be used. Although it supports this idea, it also makes an amusing sound, if hit or blown. The yarns are being used to hang my materials and is the most environment friendly material I found for it. The other chimes I am using is to make a sound of peace, if hit by air, with subtle relaxing tones via air, hopefully to remind what my project is truly made for, air and its pollution.

My goal is not to change a person’s way of living, as it is probably impossible, but to at least bring awareness to the serious problem we are having due to the pollution in Los Angeles, and in a broader aspect, the world. Not only is it not helping currently, with pollution impacting people's health and the environment, air pollution can also deplete the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from the sun’s UV rays. 
The reaction I hope to receive from my chime’s presentation is either the “wow”, and a change of feelings and opinions for that person, to think of being more careful for earth, or the reaction of knowing. As i hope to change a person’s idea of pollution, I also hope that a few people already knew of this problem, and is already being cautious and being eco-friendly. I think finding a reaction from a person that already knew of the issue is just as important to my project presenting itself as a new information to a new person. In the broader aspect of my chime, I am not targeting a specific audience, but anyone who bothers to look into the chime. I believe this is a concept that everyone should know of, so I cannot target a specific group of audience. I just hope that the people presented to will try to be more cautious in the future.

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