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paul relente


The issue that I’m talking about is pollution that is occurring in the community today. My sustainability pillar is based on pollution. What I'm doing to help this issue is to explain on building a sustainability pillar that explains why I'm doing this topic in the first place. Now it relates is because I also included a working module that detects the dust in the air.Where exactly you see this issue is mostly in bad neighborhoods and also in beaches,parks, forests, ponds, etc that includes the environment and the community. It affects my community because we live in the community people leave trash as it is and it makes the community look bad and smell bad.
What I'm going to do is to build a module to explain what my project is based on and I worked with my partner and How it works is like this. It detects dusts that is in the certain area it doesn't sound an alarm but it's does show blinking L.E.D lights that signals in green which means there is no dust and is clean, yellow which means there is dust but not harmful to kill,and red which mean the air is filled with harmful gases,dust,etc that may be able to lead to death. This is connected to pollution because it can detect the pollution in the air, this leading for a proper way to find a way to clean it. Another object that I'm working on is the chime, my chime will not only look pleasing but resemble the community around me and the topic of pollution. It has 
brass chimes,soda cans, and little tiny bells. My chime will help everyone open their eyes to the problem of pollution.
Some things I worked on based on my sustainability pillar is a square map how it affects the pollution and what it truly does. What we wrote that pollution causes contamination because based on all the smoke or harmful things that pollutes the air and environment. It can also protect everyone beforehand that will help them realize what to do to fix the problem. My partner and I worked on questions like ?How can I desire people to keep their environment clean?how can this impact in the people environment? Can this project impact the community?these will help answer people question and help them realize the duty of what we have to do in the environment.
This project will help stop this issue from going and helping the communities to become better. The chime will hopefully impact the community and show people that pollution is happening and it's a daily thing that we can't just stop one day but to continue helping the environment to become cleaner. For my chime I'm not expecting much attention to my own chime but I want the audience to see how much work we students are doing where as the adults around us are not doing anything about the problem in hand. It will work because I could explain to them the problem. I truly want everyone to open their and to freely give the message afterwards.
Overall, I just want my project to go well. I want to make a huge difference to the community and to stop pollution to ever affect the world we live in because it will come at us because we're not doing anything to make the world cleaner.

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