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Ari Dal Santo

Animal Abuse

Artist Statement

My artwork raises awareness on the issue of animal abuse; especially in the United States. Based on statistics, the most common victims of animal cruelty and abuse are dogs and cats. I believe that my artwork will hopefully change how people view animals and to teach them to care for them. It will incorporate animal toys, the materials used for the cages used to keep the animals in, and maybe phrases and pictures of the animals being most affected by this issue. My artwork will be in the form of a chime. A chime that will come together from recycled materials whilst still incorporating the bigger picture. The issue of animal abuse is very close to me because I have grown up with dogs and so I believe that incorporating dog toys and chains can represent that dogs should be treated as part of family and not as a job. 
I will use the dog toys to show that dogs are like family member and is a living creature who has the capability to love. The chains will represent the struggle that they have while in the pound. It can also represent the living conditions that the animals suffer through. Chains symbolize restriction and pain. Chew toys will symbolize the life that dogs should have. 
During the course, we focused on sustainability and defined what a sustainable development. My group took on social sustainability, which worked well with my issue. Social sustainability is the coming together of communities to form societies; it is the equal and fairness and the building of ideas for the better of the society. Social Sustainability relates to my issue because it is a social issue. It affects the environment and the community.

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